Finding the Best Servingware for Japanese Curry Rice

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As I wrote before, Go! Go! Curry! specializes in the Kanazawa-style curry that highlights thick Japanese curry sauce and katsu (cutlets). There are many more features unique to Kanazawa curry, and one of them is its servingware. The curry has to be served on a stainless steel plate with a spork. I’d like to talk more about these and further tell you the story behind our takeout containers.

An Elegant Plate….and a Spork

Go! Go! Curry! uses thin, oblong stainless steel plates that have a smooth curve from the bottom up to the edge. From restaurant’s point of view, it’s very convenient because it’s unbreakable and space efficient when storing. For diners, it’s easy to scoop curry and rice and enjoy it until the very last scoop. We serve our curry with a spork, which is unusual for most Japanese natives who generally eat curry with a spoon. Since Kanazawa curry is topped with katsu, diners need a fork to dig in. So, instead of serving it with a spoon and fork, it is served with a spork, which can perfectly complete two missions at once. Also, the spork we use at Go! Go! Curry! has a few more detailed touches. The edges of the spork are rounded up, and its wooden handle is smoothed out, ensuring that users won’t cut their mouth or fingers. This reflects our “omotenashi” style of a caring mind.

The best Takeout Container for Curry

Our takeout container also has a story behind it. We remodeled it when New York City revealed its plan to ban foam containers. We tried many different types, shapes, materials, and qualities until we finally decided to go with the current style; a round, sunshine yellow paper container with the Go! Go! Curry! logo on it. One of the containers we used during the trial stage absorbed moisture from rice, and it not only ruined the taste of our premium rice, but also made the rice stick to the bottom. There was another container that was not strong enough to hold our curry and rice, and we had to layer multiple containers to make them usable. Also, we wanted an appealing and unique design because a container can be a good advertising tool. So, we placed our logo and used our classic yellow color on the container, hoping it will catch the attention of passersby while a guest eats curry from it.

Even though Go! Go! Curry! is a fast-casual food franchise, I want to maintain our service quality as high as that of fine dining restaurants. We’ll keep trying hard to satisfy our customers and support their genki, no matter what happens!

We are experienced and knowledgeable in the Japanese restaurant franchise and curry restaurant business, so if you are looking for a fast-casual business to own, please feel free to contact us.


About The Author:
Tomoko Omori was born and raised in Japan. She came to the USA alone to become an actress, where she received an AA degree from college majoring in Drama. She received a scholarship to study music at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC.
After working for TV broadcasting and a publishing company, today, Tomoko is the CEO of Go! Go! Curry! America, a grab-and-go Japanese comfort food restaurant franchise. There are over 75 locations in Japan, and 11 in the USA. She says, “Our mission is to serve our tasty curry nationwide in the USA and Canada to enrich the lives of our customers, employees, franchise owners and the communities we serve. Our vision is to create millions of satisfied customers, contented tummies and miles and miles of smiles for everyone!” Tomoko received the Nikkei BP Woman of the year award in 2015.

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