Japanese Curry Rice — Kid’s Favorite Food

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I have talked a lot about Japanese curry rice in past posts, but there is more to share with you. My topic today is how this dish became the number one favorite food of children in Japan.

I already mentioned that Japanese people love umami, and such an umami-intensive food culture developed a rich and flavorful Japanese-style curry. I also noted that solid-type, ready-to-use Japanese curry roux or Japanese curry sauce mix became available around 1950, allowing each household to create its own version of curry.

One of the first manufacturers that started selling that type of curry roux is House Foods Corp., and they released a less-spicy curry with a sweeter flavor profile. The brand of curry called Vermont Curry is formulated with apples and honey, and this curry instantaneously grabbed children’s hearts when it hit the market. At that time, curry was still something mainly enjoyed by grown-ups due to its spicy taste profile, but Vermont Curry really won kids’ palates over because of its milder, sweeter taste.

Used by dissolving roux cubes in water, solid curry roux is very convenient for busy parents not only because it’s easy to cook, but it also transforms any ingredients into a tasty dish. As a result, vegetable-hating children may magically eat more vegetables. Accordingly, curry became one of the most popular menu items for school lunch, camping, and outdoor activities. I’m not exaggerating when I say every Japanese kid eats at least one curry dish once a week. Naturally, curry is deeply embedded in every Japanese person’s mind with a fun childhood memory of home, school, camping, and more.

Next time, I’d like to switch gears and talk about some business aspects of Go! Go! Curry! America. Until then, eat well and stay genki!

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About The Author:

Tomoko Omori was born and raised in Japan. She came to the USA alone to become an actress, where she received an AA degree from college majoring in Drama. She received a scholarship to study music at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC.

After working for TV broadcasting and a publishing company, today, Tomoko is the CEO of Go! Go! Curry! America, a grab-and-go Japanese comfort food restaurant franchise. There are over 75 locations in Japan, and 11 in the USA. She says, “Our mission is to serve our tasty curry nationwide in the USA and Canada to enrich the lives of our customers, employees, franchise owners and the communities we serve. Our vision is to create millions of satisfied customers, contented tummies and miles and miles of smiles for everyone!” Tomoko received the Nikkei BP Woman of the year award in 2015.

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